Little People 6 years of Age,

Little People 6 years of Age,




I’m joined by Ollie Walker, who takes part in the AC 40 Pro class. The air called bike, which is this one here and the liquid cooled machine in the Junior LC 40 class. Now, last time only you were going fantastic, but unfortunately you went down when you’re in the lead in the mini moto pro class.

I know you were absolutely gutted and jumping up and down, but just tell us about Tata sure. You obviously like that circuit, I guess yeah and things going for you. This year looks like you’re right on the pace now in both classes, that fair to say, and where’s that all come from just a time on the bike, yeah just practicing a different track and you’re In the Moto rapido Ducati team, looking good in the suit now this weekend now you went down twice last time we’re, just having a look at both ant accidents.

Now, what’s, why you were leading the second one when you were in second place, I think just coming out of the hairpin and you were lucky there not to kill it get collected because a bike went straight past you.

But what did you learn? I did say to you: stop having a buddy get back on the bike. If you remember, what did you learn from that one? Where you’re in the leagues, I think, if you’d, had got back on the bike immediately.

I think you might have made up an extra sort of two or three places. Is that fair to say? Do you think? Well, yeah? I should have got back on the bike, but there was like a problem because it was just really revving it so good get back on it really yeah, and I think we saw that earlier in the race it looked like you had a problem with a bike.

It was chattering a bit coming through the corners this weekend here at Red. Lodge you like this track. Obviously you’re, hoping for this weekend in both both classes. Well, just a podium, each one! Okay! Well! Good luck! Thank you! So let’s, see what Ollie Walker can do from pole position alongside him is Casey O’Gorman on the front of the great Dillon Miller and Johnny garnish are on the second Ryan Hitchcock and Eddy O’Shea James Cook Ross McGuire Taylor, Stuart Campbell and Jimmy Parker, giving chase just in front of the number two josh banister should be a really interesting one.

This as well, because Casey O’Gorman. He rides number seven looks to me as though he might have borrowed a bike for this one. I’m, not sure exactly, but that definitely looks like a different number to me than the seven he normally carries.

So he may well have borrowed a bike for this one, but golly Walker. We just heard from him looks very motivated going into this one and he likes Red Lodge. So let’s, see what Ali Walker can do from the front of the grid.

Plenty of riders will want to try and challenge, though Dylan Miller and Johnny ganas from that second row of the grid should be a threat and keep an eye on the likes of Eddy. Oh sure, he was always really strong.

When he’s got a good, buy gonna need them. Here we go and what a sweeping move that is from ollie Walker, who has sweat through into the lead. No questions asked KC, O’Gorman seems to be struggling.

A little e he’s. Let two riders get through already in second place sweeping through from behind the front row a bit like Jack Nicholson in the shining here’s, Johnny looking up the inside Johnny garnish can’t.

Quite get it: does they go out onto oak tree, but look at this. The Perim – and here he comes out still can’t, get it done. Look at a sweet throw, but it looks like to garnish has got the pace: Walker under pressure, but they ‘

Ve got a reasonably comfortable lead this earlier in the race, the riders in this championship on your screen there. Yes, indeed, on the track, it’s; Walker from Ghana, smeller in third in front of Casey, O’Gorman, any O’Shea Ryan Hitchcock, Ross, McGuire and James Cook.

Great battle. All the way down here again comes Johnny garnish. Trying to make the move. I can’t quite get close enough to ollie Walker. He doesn’t want to go ugly early to just throw it down the inside.

He needs to wait for a good opportunity that looks to me like Casey, O’Gorman. It’s, going to step back. Any third we got to bite down is that Dylan Miller? I think that’s, Dylan Miller, who’s gone and Ryan Hitchcock’s.

Gone with him looks like melih has gone down, Hitchcock nowhere to go. He said, I think, hidden from view basically for Ryan Hitchcock and he’s run over the bike and that’s. Taken him down back with the racing, though, that is Hitchcock getting back on the bike fair play to him.

That was quite a hefty fall, so he’s. Gon na try and get himself back in a position that is the new leader. Johnny garlis has gone through into the lead. So garnish takes the leader folly. Walker now walking, you is going through, probably got two riders down elsewhere Taylor, Stewart Campbell’s, gone Evan pinch up there.

They both are all guys get out of the way. Goodness me that was close as the rest of the field goes through now. This is what happened to Dylan Miller watch here. He goes, he loses. The bike falls down and look Hitchcock ‘

S got absolutely no chance of missing him. Now hitch got nowhere to go, not a chance of going round him. There so goes over. The bike ends up on the track. The marshal they’re trying to make sure nobody runs him over taking his own life in his hands, so well played the marshal.

There yeah well well done to all the officials around the circuit to be fair. It’s, a very precarious job to do, but somebody has to do it now. Watch Casey, O’Gorman. Look. He is suddenly starting to gain ground on our two leaders up front.

Little People 6 years of Age,

Johnny GaN is leading all he walk. A second Oh Gorman. His third fourth is Maguire bid. This Aereo Shea it’s. Turning into a really interesting battle, with the top five bikes Johnny garnished, the circuit obviously had a great start straightaway through the second place.

He’s, hunting down the leader, he’s, got the lead and looks like I’m gonna say he’s, clearing off, but actually he’s being closed down there. So it’s, still a close battle top three, that’s; garnish leading walk a second who crash last time, don’t forget twice answer Tattershall and the number I’m, going to say number seven bike: Jamie’s.

Number 18. I think he ‘ S got on the bike. They’ve, been kids Casey, Oh Gorman, I’m. Assuming he’s actually boarded by the Ross watch, McGuire getting closer Gorman off the bike off the throttle of the corner is very, very strong and he’s, really really minced meeting them into the braking zone.

Now he’s, got a really big challenge from McGuire who’s reeling him in again, so we’ve got Gorman in third Maguire in forth. Tightening up their grip on the two leaders. Johnny GaN is leading the way.

Go Johnny go out in front as he tries to open up the taps, but Ollie Walker is still right with him. Casey O’Gorman, choosing very different lines to try and get on the throttle on to the back of the bike in front.

He dives into the he realizes that’s too high-risk to just chuck the bike on the inside apex. Now he’s. Having to defend as McGwire comes up. The inside takes the position. Nice move into the top curb there from Ross.

Mcguire he gets into third and he O’Shea. They’re in fifth place. You can see it just off the back of this group of four. He’s, hoping they keep battling because he will get ever closer. Look in the second spot can’t quite get it done, Walker holding on and cornice now under pressure as they close up on the leader for a five bike lengths through turn one into the sweeper here comes my glove a second and take second Spot location kama trying to go through and those are only like soy, trumps walking back to four.

That is one heck of a move from a corpsman on the outside line there through turn three. You really have to be brave to pull that one off and Casey O ‘ Gorman stands on his conviction and makes the moves thick.

Russ McGuire then now up into second position chasing down Johnny garnish and I have the feeling he ‘ S. Got the speed to get there, so it’s just the case of whether he can hold on for this as they’ve managed to get past one of the tail end.

Charlie’s and looked right on the power McGwire almost managed to overhaul Charlie garnish there up the way through he had a crack at Casey, O’Gorman at this point of the circuit on the previous lap and bailed out of it.

On the last lap, he may not decide to do so because it’s too high-risk. At this point of the race in the last lap he might go for it. On the inside tries to get through past Johnny garnish can’t. Make the move stick and now Casey O’Gorman.

He’s, threatening to pounce as well. What an amazing battle this is: it’s, one of the races of the season, one of the races of the past three years. In the Gulf at Championship, who’s, going to come out on top? Who knows garnish onto oak tree straight, but McGuire trying to get in the slipstream he’s lost a couple of eye links up to the top curve, as a sweep around here looks like McGuire’s got the pace around this pass And the third part of the circuit, but the darkness, does he lose early, no gone astray.

Great defensive moves from Johnny garnish. You just got to hang on and hope that Ross McGuire is not going to put out the looks. I keep an eye on Casey who Gorman, as he swamps around where to the last lap, and it could go at any one of these three riders way, but don’t forget.

Of course, we ‘ Ve still got Olly Walker, an Eddie O’Shea, not too far away if there are a little bit of fisticuffs on the final lap. So let’s just see into the sweeper through turn three back onto the sweeper and then up towards oak tree straight Johnny garnish getting a little bit bored by back marker.

But he’s, able to sweep round Johnny Johnny garnish. He’s, able to get through Ross require struggles to get by Casey, O ‘ Gorman is held up a little bit, but now look Ross. Mcguire writes on the back of Johnny Garner’s as they go through the left-hander kco Gorman dives Johnny garnish is going to have this now with one more lap.

It might have been different, but it’s. Gon na be a victory for Johnny GaN, assume hangs on in front of Ross McGuire. What about that for a victory? Casey O’Gorman. He’s; third, full perolli Walker and fit for any O’Shea.

He seems content with that, and rightly so. It’s been a great run, brilliant racing there once again, absolutely terrific stuff and water battle, as garnish holds off McGuire and O’Gorman. Walker is fourth from Eddie, O’Shea ahead of James Cook, Josh Bannister, Jimmy Parker innate from Mason Foster and Charley Tilly, fantastic race is still Russ McGuire.

That has the championship lead, but Johnny GaN is closing in on him, O ‘ Shea Walker and Hitchcock third, fourth and fifth

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